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BCWSA is no longer creating new accounts for eCARE access, pending the activation of our new, modern, billing portal mentioned below. If you are an existing user of eCARE, your account continues to be accessable until the cutover date to be announced in the coming weeks.
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New Billing Portal Coming!!

BCWSA is pleased to announce that a new, modern, billing portal is just around the corner. The eCARE portal is being retired shortly. Unfortunately, the accounts can't be migrated accurately, so it's been decided that is is better to start fresh.

When you first see the new portal, you'll better understand why!

This significant change should be activated in the upcoming few weeks. This page will automatically redirect you to the new portal, so that you can reestablish your account monitoring.

The new portal will have many new, modern, and hopefully more efficent service request, account review, and payment options.

Please stay tuned for more information!!